The next steps

CPS researchers were informed on the results of the questionnaire survey and on the measures being developed as part of the action plan; this took place at a joint meeting with the CPS management held on 12 December 2018. Members of research staff will continue to take part – on an ongoing basis – in training and education in the field of strategic management of research organizations; human resources; Open, Transparent, Merit Based Recruitment (OTM-R) principles; and financial management. In addition, activities will continue to be available for PhD students to improve their quality and competitiveness in science and research, as well as for post-doctoral students and junior researchers (5 years after achieving the doctoral degree) to enhance their knowledge as part of personal and career development.

The first steps in implementing HRS4R are to elaborate strategies and methodological materials to support doctoral students, career development of researchers, evaluation of researchers, representation of women in research and development, internal evaluation of the research organization, international collaboration in research and development and internationalization of the research organization, knowledge transfer from research to practice, popularization of research and development.

In addition, 14 measures (actions) from the Action Plan including OTM-R measures (actions) will be gradually addressed. Working teams are set up to deal with individual measures, where CPS researchers are represented.

Internal assessment of the gap analysis and the implementation process of the Action Plan measures, and updating of the measures of the Action Plan - two years after the acquisition of the HR Award, March 2021.

External assessment of the gap analysis and the implementation process of the Action Plan measures, with the participation of EC evaluators - three years after the internal evaluation, March 2024.

Research staff members are kept updated on project progress through the CPS/TBU websites, CPS Facebook profile, CPS newsletter circulated to staff via email, InfoPoint, posters installed on walls and as part of stairways in the CPS premises, and printed media (Universalia, the Zlínský deník newspaper, and technical journals).



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