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Grammar school students visited CPS

26 April 2022 – The Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Zlín Region organised an opportunity for female students from Vsetín and Otrokovice grammar schools to meet successful women who have succeeded in the fields of technology and natural science.
Entitled The Girls Day and held on Tuesday, 26 April, the event offered a day packed with information, shared life experiences and demonstrations of work in science labs. Among other items on agenda, the programme included the presentation of one of the research departments of Tomas Bata University: Centre for Polymer Systems. The aim was to show the students the possibilities of a career in technology sciences and the fact that women can achieve success in science, too. Lines of research were also featured, including demonstrations of electromagnetic shielding, preparation of biodegradable materials and the use of nanomaterials applied in sensors. The Smart Boot project was also one of the highlights. The Girls Day is arranged by the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Zlín Region every year. The event focuses on female students as well as career/educational counsellors and the wider professional community; the earlier can make use of it to get inspired in choosing courses in technology and natural science while raising their awareness of job opportunities in our region



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