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The Centre for Polymer Systems presents at the Science Fair

CPS has participated in the Science Fair 2022, which took place from 2 to 4 June. The Centre presented, along with the Faculty of Applied Informatics, results of science and research as well as interesting projects and practical demonstrations; various experiments were also on display that visitors could try themselves. The Science Fair is the largest scientific event in the Czech Republic; it lasts three days and this year more than a hundred exhibitors were present at PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letňany. It is organised by the Czech Academy of Sciences every year and is free of charge for all visitors. Guests had the opportunity to watch, for example, spectacular science shows, lectures, workshops and exhibits that were exhibited this year at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. “The Science Fair is a great chance to explore different corners of science, learn new things and have fun at the same time,” said Eva Zažímalová, CAS President. “I am very happy that we can meet again at the exhibition centre and I hope that as many visitors as possible will be absorbed by science.” Those interested in physics and chemistry could, for example, enter a borane molecule, try out various experiments or visit a spectacular science show in the multimedia hall with a 360° screen. People were offered the chance to explore the world of insects and how animals help. The more courageous ones were even involved in dissecting a cockroach. Guests interested in humanities spent time in a Tibetan tent, where they learned the characters of various oriental scriptures.



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