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The Centre of Polymer Systems has prepared a series of professional lectures by Professor Igor Emri.

The aim of these lectures is to motivate graduate students and Junior Researchers to take a more active role in research-based innovation. The latter innovatively involves through research acquired knowledge, that have not been used previously, into new technologies and products.

 Innovation-based research calls for a new environment known as an innovation community that brings together researchers and entrepreneurs and supports interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral co-operation needed to exploit the latest research achievements for the benefit of society.

Igor Emri is a retired Chair Professor of Mechanics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana and founder of the consulting company EMRI d.o.o. He has developed an innovative theoretical-experimental approach, known as Knauss-Emri model, to study the non-linear behavior of time-dependent materials. His current research activities are focused on non-linear time-dependent behavior of dissipative systems with the emphasis on behavior of solid polymers and their nano-, micro-, and macro-composites and granular systems.
He is one of the founders and Editor-in-Chief of the international journal »Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials«, published by Springer-Nature. He is a fellow grade member of the Society of Experimental Mechanics (USA), Russian Academy of Engineering, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, European Academy of Sciences, Slovenian Academy of Engineering, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering. He is a Co-Chairman of the Science Europe Scientific Advisory Committee, and the Past-Chair of the Engineering and Technical Sciences Scientific Committee of Science Europe, and Past-President of the Society of Experimental Mechanics and the International Committee on Rhelogy (ICR).


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