Awarded 1st Prize in POSTER contest organised by COST Action MP 1301 NEWGEN and with the support of the JECS

Mr. Probal Basu, 1st year doctoral student (working under supervision of Assoc. Prof. Nabanita Saha and consultant: Prof. Petr Saha) awarded 1st Prize in POSTER presentation contest in the Training School on "Non Living Materials meet living Biology" organised in the frame work of COST Action MP 1301 NEWGEN and with the support of the JECS held in Patras, Greece, 9-12 May 2017. The title of his presentation is "Calcium Phosphate filled Bacterial Cellulose Based Hydrogel scaffolds:A Novel Approach for Bone Tissue Engineering". Please see the Poster, Program and Certificate in the attachment.

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Flexible polymer LED developed at CPS

An early Christmas gift: Researchers from Multifunctional nanomaterials research group at CPS prepared fully working flexible polymer LED device. The device is based on active layer made from nanocomposite material developed by the members of the group.

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Use of Czech Research Infrastructures

Members of the group Multifunctional nanomaterials obtained the opportunity to use the Czech Research Infrastructures providing the special measurement techniques.

One of the successful proposal was accepted by MLTL in Prague. Magnetism and Low Temperatures Laboratories (MLTL) are situated on the grounds of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague and offer highly accurate and highly effective measurements of magnetic, transport, thermal and cohesive properties of materials and other physical phenomena in the wide temperature range, in magnetic fields up to 14 T and in external pressures up to 12 GPa. These precise measurements can be performed on miniature samples. These techniques will be used for the magnetic measurements of cobalt and nickel doped ZnO nanoparticles. These materials represents the group of "Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors" which are used mainly in optoelectronics and spintronics.

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Awarded presentation of CPS in an international conference

Dr. Raghvendra Singh Yadav from the Group of Multifuncional Nanomaterials of CPS has been awarded with 'Best Presentation Award' for his presentation of a lecture with the title: Influence of La³⁺ on Structural, Magnetic, Optical and Dielectric Properties in CoFe₂O₄ Nanoparticles Synthesized by Starch-Assisted Sol-Gel Combustion Method (Raghvendra Singh Yadav, Ivo Kuřitka, Jarmila Vilcakova, Pavel Urbánek, Michal Machovsky, Milan Masař, Martin Holek) in 18th International Conference on Advanced Composites and Materials Technologies, 7-8 November 2016, Venice, Italy.

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Workshop COST Action MP 1301 – NEWGEN

Welcome to NEWGEN Zlín: Hydrogel/ Biomineralized Biomaterial for Bone Tissue Regeneration

A two-day congress is taking place at Tomas Bata University in Zlín (Centre of Polymer Systems building), Czech Republic, on 15th - 16th November 2016.

The Workshop and WG meeting entitled "Hydrogel/ Biomineralized Biomaterial for Bone Tissue Regeneration" is organized within the framework of COST Action MP 1301 - NEWGEN – "New Generation Biomimetic and Customized Implants for Bone Engineering"


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