The aim of the project is to substantially enlarge the existing research infrastructure of TBU in Zlín and create Centre of Polymer Systems (CPS) as a dynamic research unit with long-term sustainability and high added value. CPS as an important regional research centre will support national plastics and rubber industry from the personnel, technology and knowledge viewpoints, and at the same time it will work internationally on all activity levels.

The scientific part is framed into two mutually linked programmes connected with polymer processes, bioactive polymers and polymer composites. The research programmes create a sufficient space for cooperation with the commercial sector with an accent on innovations.

Construction and technical part of the project includes building of a new CPS object in the vicinity of other objects used by TBU in Zlín, the target capacity of which will be 112 employees (headcount), and its equipment with modern instrumentation in accordance with the planned research programmes.

The project expects active participation of PhD students in the activities of the Centre. TBU research teams entering the CPS have a high ratio of international PhD students and the strategy of the University is to further increase this number and continue in internationalization of CPS research teams. The project also counts with participation of students in Master's programmes oriented at polymer sciences. Students will have a chance to profit from the knowledge and experience of scientific authorities working at CPS because some of the project workers also participate in teaching at the Faculty of Technology, TBU in Zlín, in polymer sciences study programmes.