Equipment list

Mechanical operations, mixing

Automatic milling machine Minicut CR4U

Centrifuge Sorvall LYNX 4000

Centrifuge THERMO Multifuge X3R

Homogenizer UZ Sonopuls HD 2070 kit

Cooled centrifuge Thermoscientific HERAEUS MULTIFUGE X1R


Microtome Leica RM2265

Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200 RETSCH

Planetary ball mill p-5/4 FRITSCH

Centrifuga EBA 21 Hettich

3D shaker GFL 3012

Homogenizer UZ Sonopuls HD 2070 kit

Evaporator - Heidolph LABOROTA 4011 DIGITAL

Notching device CEAST Manual Notchvis

Conditioning, thermal treatment

Biological incubator HERAcell 150i

Immersion cooler Huber TC 100NR

Incubator with orbital shaker GFL 3033

Incubator CLIMACELL, Type 111

Humidity chamber for stability testing DISCOVERY 250

Climate chambre Memmert Model HPP110

Thermostatic bath CC-K25 NR Huber

Freze drier CoolSafe 110-4 PRO

Transparent incubator STUART SI 60 D

Thermostat bath Huber CC-130A Visco 3

Thermostat CC-308B Pilot Huber

Thermostat Ministat 240-cc NR Huber

Surface modifications

Sputter coater Quorum Q300 TT

Device for plasma treatment of materials and powders with 40 kHz source

Device for plasma treatment of materials and powders with radiofrequency 13,56 MHz source

Device for plasma treatment of materials and powders with microwave 2,45 GHz source


Simplicity Ultrapure Water Systems

Rotary oil vacuum pump (R 5, typ PB 0004 C)

Evaporator HEI-VAP HEIDOLPH Value G1

Equipment – analyses

Electric and magnetic properties of materials

Electrokinetic analysator

Electrometer/High Resistance Meter KEITHLEY 6517B

Mechanical properties

Falling weight impact tester CEAST 9340

Tear and Fatigue Analyzer

Tensile testing machine with tempered chamber


Density/Specific Gravity/Concentration Meter DMA5000M

Tap density analyzer Quantachrome Autotap 02106-50-1

UltraFoam 1200e Automatic Gas Pycnometers

Molecular mass

Osmometer GONOTEC Membrane OSMOMAT 090 CellUnit

Gas permeability

Measurement of permeation properties VAC-V1

Volumetric analysis

Titrator D SCHOTT TitroLine Easy Modul 2

Surface properties

Atomic Force Microscope Dimension ICON

High Precision Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer BELSORP-mini II

Profilometer mechanical and optical

Tensiometer Krűss K100

Particle size distribution

Particle size laser analyzer Malvern Mastersizer 3000


Melt Indexer  (Extrusion Plastometer) Tinius Olsen MP600

Rotational rheometer Anton-Paar MCR 502

Vibro viscometer SV-10

High pressure capillary viscometer Rheograph 25-50

Rheo-microscopic system for AntonPaar MCR502


Fluorescence-activated cell sorting BD FACSCanto II (Flow cytometry)


Microbiological microscope Leica DM IL LED Fluo

Scanning electron microscope with autoemission cathode

Optical microscope Leica DVM2500 Digital Camera

Optical microscope N 400M

Table SEM

TEM microscope

Heating microscope EM201 with image analysis


Absorption spectrometer in ultraviolet, visible and NIR region

Absorption spectrometer in ultraviolet and visible region

Acoustic and Electroacoustic Spectrometer Model DT-1202

Raman microscope

Elemental Analysis


Photometer INFINITE M200Pro NanoQuant

Benchtop NMR – PicoSpin 45

FT-IR spectrometer Nicolet 6700

FT-IR spectrometer Nicolet iS5

FTIR microscope

Impedance dielectric spectroscopy Novocontrol Concept 50

Solid samples test fixture for impedance spectroscopy Agilent 16451 B

Atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) Agilent DUO 240FS/240Z/UltrAA

Separation methods / chromatography

Analyzer of CO2, O2, CH4 - Gas chromatograph (GC/FID, TCD, PDD, GC/MS) Shimadzu GCQP2010Ultra

Detector ELSD Waters 2424

Gel permeation chromatograph Agilent GPC PL-GPC220

Liquid chromatography system with mass spectrometry detection (Q-TOF) – Agilent ACCURATE MASS 6530 Q TOF LC/MS

Modular HPLC – Shimadzu Prominence LC 20AP/FRC-10A

RI detector (Refractive index detector) Waters 2414

Thermal analysis

Thermogravimetric analyzer TA Q500

Thermomechanical analyzer Mettler-Toledo TMA/SDTA 841



Fluorescent microscope Olympus IX81

Equipment – processing

Extrusion/co-extrusion, compounders

Rubber co-extrusion line EMS-30

Film blowing co-extrusion line – up to 5 layers

Laboratory twin screw extruder - Scientific Twin Screw Extruder

Laboratory kneader for rubber compounds

Polymer melt filament laboratory line, model LBS-300

Multifunctional calendaring line LRMR-S-200/W with three-roll mill

Extruder LE45-30/CV

Disintegrators EM AH560-7,5 and EM-AH-260

Gravimetric feeding systém for 4 components, 2x main components pelets/powders and 2x side components pelets/powders

Water peletizer

Continuous drying system for hydroscopic materials

Volumetric feeding system

Injection moulding

Electric bi-component injection moulding machine (FB140T)

Mould for preparation of test specimens evaluating of separation of highly filled polymer systems

Set of sintering ovens for PIM

Moulds for test specimes


Autoclaves Tuttnauer 3870 ELPV (2 pcs)


Hydraulic press FONTIJNE LabEcon 300

Microwave reactor ERTEC MFR13

Spin coater Laurell WS-650Mz-23NPP

Manual hot press

Manual cooling press

Water temperature control unit P160-9