Projects of Czech Science Foundation

15-08287Y - Immobilization of specific bioactive substances in functionalized biodegradable polymer matrices 2015 – 2017

doc. Ing. Vladimír Sedlařík, Ph.D.

GA16-05961S – Advanced Carriers for Platinum Drugs 2016–2018

Mgr. Jan Vícha, Ph.D.

16-20361Y - Smart systems based on modified graphene oxide particles 2016-2018

Ing. Miroslav Mrlík, Ph.D.

17-05095S - Biomimetic materials based on conducting polymers

doc. Ing. Humpolíček Petr, Ph.D.

17-24730S - Novel Magnetorheological Elastomers Based on Modified Magnetic Fillers (2017-2019)

doc. Ing. Sedlačík Michal, Ph.D.

17-10813S - Novel plasma polymers with tunable stability and permeability (2017-2019)

doc. Ing.Lehocký Marián, Ph.D.

17-16928Y - Modification of degradation behaviour of biodegradable polyester -polylactide through addition of specifically functionalized additives (2017-2019)

Ing. Kucharczyk Pavel Ing., Ph.D.