Projects of - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

7AMB16AT033 - Fiber Reinforced Polymers with integrated carbon nanotubes networks - (2016-2017, MSM/7A)

doc. Ing. Petr Slobodian, Ph.D.

 8E15B007 -  Experimental investigation on rubbers mechanical behaviour under fatigue loading conditions including chemo-chemothermomechanical (2016-2017)

Dr.-Ing. Radek Stoček

LO1504 - Centre of Polymer Systems Plus (2015-2020)

doc. Ing. Vladimír Sedlařík, Ph.D.

7AMB16PL070 -  Novel processing techniques of biodegradable polymers for biomedical applications (2016 – 2017)

doc. Ing. Sedlařík Vladimír , Ph.D.

UNI1A/2017 - Zvyšování odborných kompetencí studentů doktorských studijních programů v technicky zaměřených oborech (2017)

doc. Ing. et Ing. Kuřitka Ivo, Ph.D.

8X17021 -  Antibacterial polymeric nanocomposites on the base of carbon nanomaterials (2017-2018)

doc. Ing. Lehocký Marián , Ph.D.

LTACH17015- Fabrication and elektrochemical properties of hierarchical polyaniline /bimetallic oxides electrodes (2017-2019)

doc. Dr. Natalia Kazantseva

IGA/FT/2017/011 -  Plasma treatment of micro and nano textured surfaces and study their influence on the development of cell cultures (2017)

Ing. Martin Minařík

• IGA/CPS/2017/001 -  Biological properties of polymers (2017)

Ing. Mikušová Nikola

IGA/CPS/2017/002 - Analysis of composite laminates reinforced with glass fibers with an integrated layer of carbon tubes decorated by Ag clusters for deformation detection (2017)

doc. Ing. Petr Slobodian Ph.D.

IGA/CPS/2017/004 -Evaluation of Carbon-Based Nano-Additives' Influence on Magnetorheological Performance and Preparation of Electrorheological Suspension with Enhanced Sedimentary stability (2017)

Ing. Martin Cvek

IGA/CPS/2017/005 - Bioactive systems for medical and industrial applications (2017)

Ing. Lucie Nogolová

 IGA/CPS/2017/006 - Influence of thermal aging on crack initiation in rubber( 2017)

Dr. Ing. Radek Stoček

IGA/CPS/2017/007 -Preparation and characterization of nanostructured polymeric and composite systems (2017)

Ing. Podlipný David

IGA/CPS/2017/008 - Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles and thin nanocomposite films made thereof (2017)

Thaiskang Jamatia

CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_018/0002720- Development of Research-Oriented Study Programs at UNI (2021)

doc. Ing. Ivo Kuřitka Ph.D.