Student Grant Competition

Student Science Conference IGA 2023


Rector’s Directive No. SR/29/2023 – replaces Rector’s Directive No. SR/20/2020 and SR/19/2020Rules of Student Grant Competition Held at Tomas Bata University in Zlín

  • Appendix No. 1 –  Internal Allocation of Financial Resources Provided to Specific University Research
  • Appendix No. 2 – Recommended Structure of the Description of an IGA Project
  • Appendix No. 3 – Calculation of Effectiveness of an IGA Project

Announcement of Student Grant Competition for 2024

Announcement for Student Grant Competition Interfaculty Research Projects 2024

Internal Grant Agency Board

Internal Grant Agency CPS Board 

Internal grant agency projects

IGA/CPS/2024/001 -Developement of a Numerical Model Describing Inner Strength of Rubber in Dependence of Loading Boundary Conditions
Ing. Nikolas Ryzí

IGA/CPS/2024/002 -Study of the preparation of nanoparticles using oxidized polysaccharides
Ing. Vítek Hrbáček

IGA/CPS/2024/003 -Research of natural and synthetic polymers for environmental aplications
Ing. Simona Uhercová

IGA/CPS/2024/005 - Evaluation and transformation of biowaste into clean energy and material for healthcare & energy storage application
Mainak Chaudhuri M.Sc.

IGA/CPS/2024/006 - Optimization of rheological properties of polymer systems as a tool for the development of sustainable products
Ing. Ondřej Mertlík

IGA/CPS/2024/007 - Designing Smart Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering
Ing. Kristýna Valášková

IGA/CPS/2024/008 - Dual Electro- and Magneto-responsive fluids
Mgr. Lenka Munteanu

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