Centre of polymer systems’ scientist win The Vizionář 2021 award

Zlín, 19 May 2022 - The Vizionáři 2021 (Visionaries 2021) prize was awarded to the scientists for the AlterBio project, which aims to research, develop and propose the commercialization of innovative antimicrobial systems for plastics, coatings, beauty products and textiles. Antimicrobial components can be bonded to polymer systems so that they protect only the surface of the material and have no environmental impact. In this way, long-term antimicrobial protection of treated materials can be achieved without adverse health and environmental impacts.

CPS was visited by entrepreneurs from the Inovato Cluster

Members of the Inovato Cluster visited the Centre for Polymer Systems on 12 May 2022. Inovato is an association of companies and organisations that have come together to seek synergies and develop innovations and innovation projects.

Nanotechnology helps save our enviroment

Zlín – 5 May 2022. Scientists from the Centre for Polymer Systems (CPS) at Tomas Bata University (TBU) in Zlín are intensely involved in the development of nanotechnologies. Specifically, they are working in studying novel pigments for anti-corrosion coating systems. It is exactly what is intended to protect, for example, metal structures, as well as railway, road and building elements.

Polypyrrole: A conducting polymer affecting neurogenesis

8 April 2022 Polymeric materials are often known to the public more as insulating materials, i.e. those that do not have the ability to conduct electricity. However, there is a group of polymers in which single and double bonds alternate regularly in the structure.

Grammar school students visited CPS

26 April 2022 – The Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Zlín Region organised an opportunity for female students from Vsetín and Otrokovice grammar schools to meet successful women who have succeeded in the fields of technology and natural science.

Experinece science in Zlín

30 March 2022 – Will we ever be able to print a working human heart using a 3D printer? How is a tyre made? What is the food of the future?



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