The objective of the project

The project aims at establishing a standard European R&D setting for researchers at TBU CPS in Zlín.

The project output will involve the design and implementation of strategic management of the research centre focused on the leadership and the development of human resources – Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R). The project implementation is associated with winning the Human Resources Excellence in Research Award (HR Award) that is granted by the European Commission (EC) to research organisations that meet the principles of the Code of Conduct in the European Research Area. The standard is defined through the 40 principles laid down in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (EC&C). For a research organization, obtaining the EC’s HR Award certificate is a formal qualification attribute of being a member of community of organizations sharing the European Research Area that enables effective communication, cooperation and mobility as well as funding research, development and innovations to safeguard further economic and social development and competitiveness of EU countries.

Drafting and implementing HRS4R is based on analysing how the EC&C principles are currently applied in the setting of TBU CPS, identifying weaknesses (gap analysis), and developing an action plan containing measures to gradually achieve the standards set out in the EC&C. The implementation of the measures in the TBU CPS situation will lead to a change in the concept of managing the staff and setting a strategic level of managing the research centre focused on the leadership and development of human resources while shaping the corporate culture oriented on adopting and sharing values, principles and codes of conduct in line with EC&C.

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