Ostatní projekty

H2020-LC-GD-2020 (101036910)  Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: Research and innovation in support of the European Green Deal, 2021-2025, Ing. Viera Pechancová, Ph.D. 

TwinVECTOR (101078935) Twinning for Development of World-Class Next Generation Batteries, 2022-2025, Ing. Viera Pechancová, Ph.D. 

HORIZON-SOLiD (101069505) Sustainable manufacturing and optimized materials and interfaces for lithium metal batteries with digital quality control, 2022-2026, Ing. Viera Pechancová, Ph.D. 

Visegrad Grant No. 22310096 Biodegradable metal development and surface functionalization V4 network, 2023-2024, Kadir Özaltin, Ph.D. 

NPRP13S-0127-200177 GreenHouses for Qatari Climate: Energy Saving Smart and Sustainable Phase Change Materials (Green3SPCM), 2022-2024, Ing. Miroslav Mrlík, Ph.D.

Ukončené projekty

COST Action CA15216 PBiosynthesis of Bacterial Cellulose using Inexpensive Nutrient Medium And their Characterizations (BBC-INMAC) 2016 - 2021

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